Welcome to our new website

We have produced a new brand of bird food called The Yorkshire Bird Food Co. Based on our family farm in East Yorkshire we have diversified into producing our own premium wild bird food mix using only seeds that are grown in Yorkshire. 

After years of feeding birds we have often wondered why we feed native birds seeds which we cannot grow in this country. Seeds like Niger and even Sunflowers cannot be grown commercially in this country and are imported from Africa which are then blended with seeds like Canary and Naked Oats to be sold throughout the UK.

At the Yorkshire Bird Food Co we produce a premium mix which we can grow on our farm in Yorkshire meaning there is minimal food miles in getting this product into outlets like yours. All our bird food is blended into 100% recyclable packaging and sold in either 1 or 3 kg bags (1kg available online).

As well as Bird food we also sell bird feeders, bird boxes and a gift set range, one designed for children and one for adults.

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on social media of the birds enjoying the seed in your garden.

Happy bird watching.